Pillar Of Salt -Book Preorder

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Pillar Of Salt -Book Preorder


Preorder copies left: 55/100

Hey friends and blog readers,

This is a collection of 26 essays and 26 poems that I’ve written over the last two years. Long time readers of my blog will recognize many of the essays but there is plenty of new words to enjoy too.

Growing up religious, I have had the idea of devotional books in my head for a long time. A devotional is a gathering of small snippets of inspiration that you can read daily. This book has 52 entries so you will have one beautiful thought to think all week in the new year.


  • 1 copy of the book ft. custom cover and inside illustrations from Shawna Jarrett

  • free shipping anywhere and I mean anywhere in the world (try me)

  • free digital copy when I release it on other platforms

I’m only printing 100 at first, so if you like what I’m doing, feel free to snap one up. Or if you buy a couple as gifts you can save some $$.


  • 1 for $10

  • Buy 2 get one copy for free

  • If you are interested in a group order, text me for a special discount code 843.870.0410

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